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New Border Seedlings

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There are quite a number of new introductions to the fabulous border carnation range with an ever expanding number of growers having a go at raising new plants.  It is the intention of the BNCS to showcase the best of these new introductions over the next few months


For many years a small band of enthusiasts have kept the genus going.  Now there seems to be resurgence in interest in growing and showing border carnations.  Border carnations are, without doubt, the most elegant of all the carnations we grow and are very rewarding.  As we build the website we hope to feature more of the outstanding new introductions, if you have or know about a new variety or anyone raising new varieties please let us know.  


Seedling B9/133 Bofield Marie A nice White ground fancy with good form.

Urpeth Carol-Anne

Urpeth Rhiannon

Bofield Claire

An unusual colour combination, apricot ground fancy.

Urpeth Diane Hammerton

A highly clove scented white self

Bofield Emily

A yellow Picotee with good form.

Bofield Boy

A promising sport of Braeside Boy, should do well on the show bench.

Urpeth Elin Dora

Bofield Emily Bofield_Claire Bofield Boy Billy Boy 2012

Billy Stokes seedling

Billy Boy

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