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Living Diary Part 3

I thought I would give you a quick update of how my perpetuals are progressing. My next real move will be potting into 5 inch pots around Christmas time. My cuttings have all rooted. Carnations really are easy to propagate compared with some of the other plants I grow, not one of the 1000 cuttings I put to root has failed, and with no fuss or bother. I shaded them during hot sunshine to begin with, just for the first 2 weeks or so when the sunshine was strong. All 8 windows have been open night and day and the door wide open every day. We have had temperatures of -4oc on at least 7 nights with 4 consecutive nights at -4oc, the thermometer on the rooting bench lying amongst the cuttings however has not been lower than 2oc. In other words there is a micro climate amongst the young cuttings. I have popped up a few cells to take a look at the roots and they are to the side of the cells and about half full of root. My aim is to keep them on the bottom heat for another 2 weeks, by then they should be really well rooted. Cool tops and warm bottoms have resulted in some nice stocky young plants.