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Harrogate Spring 2014

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Harrogate Spring Show 2014

The Harrogate spring show was held between Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th April 2014 and as usual set up day was on Wednesday 23rd when our usual show team arrived throughout the course of the morning and set to creating and building this years Society Educational display.

For 2014 the BNCS had requested Harrogate show to build us a 4.5 metre long stand by 6 feet deep draped in black cloth upon which we would build our display. Previously we have used our main display boards free standing but this year decided we would set them on the top tier of the new display., with the bottom tier set out with plants, plant material and various mixes of composts along with information sheets which the public would be free to take away post judging.

By 2pm the stand had been completed and the whole team agreed they were pleased with the end result. The dvd player had been pre-loaded with a cultural disc on how to grow carnations and pinks which was on a loop and this was switched on prior to the arrival of the judges.
Our job done for the day we all departed and it was now down to the judges to see what they made of this years effort.
We returned first thing on the Thursday morning and were delighted to learn the BNCS had been awarded a ‘Gold Award’ for all our efforts for which the ‘team’ were absolutely thrilled.
Special thanks are sent to Keith Mastaglio and Dennis Price for masterminding the display along with Fay Seagrave who completed the main floral exhibits on the stand.
To Joy Hayward and Nev Smith who travelled from Northampton and designed some wonderful floral exhibits which were used to decorate the main display.
Thanks to John and Carol Lusby, Brian Hunt who joined us all the way from Swindon and to Gary Hammerton the show manager who along with Barrie Gamble moved the bulk of the plants for the sales table.
Special thanks are also sent to Mike Graves who donated some 300 wonderful pink plants for Society funds which were gobbled up by the public such is the quality of plants Mike produces and to Peter Booker who helped Mike transport the plants to the show.
Plans are already underway for the Society display for 2015 and we are exploring ways to improve upon this years stand.
To everyone else who donated plants and gave of their time over the 4 days of the show, sincere thanks to each and every one of you